What to know about baby growth spurts!

What to know about baby growth spurts!

During growth spurt, your child is going to gain weight, get taller and will adapt changes quicker than you think. Many mothers notice the signs of growth spurt when they are feeding the baby and these are obvious signs. You will see that your child is becoming healthier, the clothes are getting tighter and they are clingy. When they are in this phase, they are usually fussy, unsettled and can have difficulties in their nap times.

This is a period of 2 days to 7 days depending on your baby, and you will notice this change during the two weeks, three weeks, six weeks, three months and then at six months. Don’t worry if your child is early or late, every baby is different. If they are too irritated, you can talk to the best child specialist to get some tips.

What will be different?

Other than growing and being fussy, you will see changes in their naps too. They could be sleepier than before and wake up less in the night. On the other hand, they could be sleeping throughout the day and stay up all night. If you see any behaviour problems other than fussiness, get in touch with a pediatrician in Chandigarh.

Other than this, they may not eat their food on the regular times and could fall asleep instead or simply cry due to the confusion they are going through. Just stay calm and cuddle your baby. If they do not want to eat, just put them to sleep.

Your baby will wake up and eat enough food once they feel rested. This change can be tiring but you have to deal with it and you can plan the schedule accordingly. The best way is to mark it in your calendar or write it down so you are prepared.

There are quite a few challenges coming your way for the first few years of child care. Be prepared and meet a child specialist in Chandigarh to get some tips plus tricks! Once you know what is going to happen in the next few weeks with your baby, you have more time to plan.

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