Is white discharge a sign of pregnancy?

Is white discharge a sign of pregnancy?

A lot of women experience discharge from the vagina that can be milky and white. It is known as leucorrhoea. Sometimes, it can be milky, clear or in rare times it will be yellowish or red. The discharge is not related to any infections, but, in fact, it can be an early sign of pregnancy. The discharge increases with the weeks passing by in your maternity days.

What is this discharge?

Creamy, white and milky discharge is completely normal, and it can indicate some things. Many times, women experience this due to ovulation, and if you want to know more about it, you should turn to a gynaecologist for help. In the case, it is thick, and there is quite a lot of discharge through the days, it can be a sign that you are expecting. This is the first sign most women notice and then do a pregnancy test at home. It is completely odourless or sometimes can have mild smell to it.

Why does it happen?

With the changes happening in your body, you will experience such things. During this time, the vagina is working more than usual, which creates the discharge. This is to keep your cervix healthy, moist and also it helps in opening it a little. The body heat too can play a role in excessive discharge when pregnant. If you see any kind of redness or yellow tints in your discharge, consult a pregnant specialist doctor immediately.

You will see a thick discharge in your third trimester and till the time it is white, clear, odourless, it is completely normal. Your body is doing a good job of keeping the cervix healthy and clean from any infections.

Pregnancy brings a ton of new changes to the body that you might have never heard about or experienced before. If you want to be prepared beforehand, head to a maternity hospital to get all the details on what you will experience from the start till the end. Staying informed is always better than to worry later.

Research well before you jump to conclusions and visit a certified doctor for further support.

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