Tips on how to massage your baby!

Tips on how to massage your baby!

Massaging the baby is essential for their bones and health. They are slowly growing up and developing which means they need all the right care. This is not only a great way to bond with your infant but researches tell that massages help them sleep better, relieve colic, develop motor skills, immune system and other things too.

How to massage your baby?

Firstly, head to the best child specialist to know which oil is safe to use for the baby. You can test it by putting a little amount on their arm or leg. You can either place them on your thighs on a thick towel or on a pillow that you can find in the market. Like a mini bed pillow with a thick towel on it so the oil doesn’t seep through.

Take a small amount of oil in your hands, rub it evenly all over their chest. Start by gently massaging the baby’s chest, neck, hands and legs. Once you are done with that, you can turn them and massage the back. Be careful when you do this as the baby’s head is extremely gentle and if they get irritated or cry, it is time to end the massage for the day.

If you are unsure about how you should massage the child, you can go to a baby hospital in Chandigarh to discuss it with your doctor or learn the methods from them. Other than this, you can hire someone to massage the child and to give them a bath post this.

It is quite easy to massage a baby as you have to keep the pressure minimal and with this activity, you just get a chance to spend more time with your little one. They will get a good sense of your touch and there is an emotional fun connection with the parent.

Need help?

For those who require help and your baby is not comfortable with the massage, you can meet with a child specialist in Chandigarh who might be able to tell you if you are doing something wrong or the child has some issues.

Use these tips and tricks to massage your baby!

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