Causes and Treatment of Thrush in Infants

Causes and Treatment of Thrush in Infants

If you see that your baby is developing a rash inside the mouth, know that it is thrush. It results from a yeast infection from candida fungus. It can develop in the mouth or other body parts as well. This may also cause diaper rash in your baby. This is quite a common condition as most babies and toddlers have experienced it once.

Causes of Thrush

Candida fungus is present in the digestive tract, skin, and mouth of every individual. Other bacteria do not allow it to outgrow in these body parts. The immune system of the body plays a major role in keeping it in under control. At times, medications like antibiotics or illnesses can cause a disruption in the balance. This can result in an outgrowth of the fungus which can ultimately result in thrush.
When the body’s immune system is weak, the fungus grows and causes sores along with lesions near the tongue and mouth. It occurs in babies because the immune system is not fully developed in them as they require more time to mature.
Treatment with antibiotics, as mentioned earlier, can also result in thrush infections. As the percentage of good bacteria is reduced by the antibiotic medications, it makes the body more susceptible to fungal infections.

Treatment for Thrush

If you think that your baby may have oral thrush, you will have to visit a doctor to get accurate advice on the treatment. The treatment may be in the form of gel or drops that has to be spread inside or around the mouth. The mother’s nipples also have to be treated in the baby is breastfeeding to avoid the spread of infection.

Some cases of oral thrush go away on its own in about two weeks without needing any major treatment. You should inform your paediatrician regarding the symptoms of thrush as it significantly affects your child’s feedings. Consult a paediatrician in Chandigarh today for guidance.
Medications including oral antifungal can be used in a treatment plan. Therapy would involve the consumption of acidophilus supplements or yogurt which will help in correcting the abnormal microorganisms’ balance in the mouth.

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