What are the major causes of infertility?

What are the major causes of infertility?

Infertility problems are diagnosed in one out of 10 couples who are trying to have a baby. Many of us do not know the major reasons due to which infertility occurs in a person’s body. We have read countless articles about the same but a few of these points are never talked about.

Here is what is coming in between your dream of giving birth: –

1. Ovulation disorders – Due to various things few women do not ovulate or have irregular cycles of ovulation. This hormonal imbalance is causing troubles to your menstrual cycle, which further creates problems with your ovulation.

2. Low sperm count – When you opt for poor lifestyle like drinking, smoking, stress, bad food, etc. along with genetic problems, you may have a low sperm count. You can meet a gynecologist to find for various solutions. It is said that poor sperm health is the 25% reason for infertility!

3. Blocked fallopian tubes – When both your fallopian tubes are blocked, you will have issues in getting pregnant. This tube is the important pathway through which the egg travels down from the ovaries to the uterus making you pregnant.

4. PCOSPolycystic Ovary Syndrome is quite a known reason for infertility, and it is currently a problem many young women are facing. A pregnancy specialist doctor can help you cope up with it, but due to the hormonal imbalance and excessive testosterone in the body, it is difficult to conceive.

5. Anti-sperm antibodies
– This is a problem that occurs in men and women. There are some antibodies that could be possible in the body which kill off the sperms or some sperms might not reach the egg and fertilize it. This can cause several miscarriages, and if men have had injuries in their testicles, they might have this issue. There are possibilities that due to certain infections, women could be allergic to their partner’s sperm.

Some great ways to fight infertility are medications, surgeries, IVF, surrogate, freezing eggs or sperm at an early age when you are healthy, turning to one of the best gynecologists in Chandigarh for treatments and lastly adoption.

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