Colour Blindness in Toddlers!

Colour Blindness in Toddlers!

Colour blindness is a vision problem where you are unable to recognize certain colours. It is caused by an inherited fault in development of one or more colour sensing cones of the three sets in the eye. Sometimes, newly born kids suffer from colour blindness. The main symptom of colour blindness in kids is the difficulty in distinguishing colours. They usually make mistakes in identifying colours. You must contact a child specialist in Chandigarh for treatment.

Symptoms –

  • When your child is using the wrong colours on objects. For example, they use red coloured crayons for leaves on trees.
  • When your child has low attention span while colouring the worksheets.
  • When your child has a problem in identifying red or green colour pencils or objects. Identification of colours is especially worse in low-level light or on small areas.
  • When they are smelling food before eating instead of seeing it. When your child has excellent sense of smell instead of sight.
  • When your child has an excellent night vision.
  • When your child has the sensitivity to bright lights.
  • When your child has reading issues when the pages are coloured.
  • When your child has a headache or pain in the eyes while looking at the red on a green background and vice versa.

A child should be able to identify all groups of colours by age 5. If your child cannot do this, contact a specialist in pediatrics.

Causes of colour blindness –

There are two types of cells in your retina that pick up light. Cone cells pick bright light and are used in the day. They differentiate between colours. The Rod cells help you see things at night, and they don’t pick colours. There are three types of cone cells, and each one picks a different colour – red, green, and blue. If your child is color blind, then only two of the three among these cone cells work normally in his eyes. As children inherit colour blindness from their parents, you or your spouse is the cause of your child’s colour blindness.

Treatment –

Get your child tested by best child doctor in Chandigarh if there are colour blindness cases in your family. There is no cure for colour blindness. As it is not a serious condition, you should not panic. Just help your child in spotting colour differences.

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