PCOS And Fertility : What You Need To Know!

PCOS And Fertility : What You Need To Know!

It is known that polycystic ovarian syndrome can be the cause of having troubles in conceivingin many women. However, it is also known that not all women suffering from this health problem will have infertility. They will be able to fall pregnant and have a healthy child too. When a woman suffers from PCOS, it can make their reproductive cycle disturbed and unpredictable.  Sometimes, ovulation might not occur at all while, with the right PCOS treatment in Chandigarh , it can occur.

How can infertility during PCOS be treated?

There are countless medicines, which can help in stimulating egg production in your ovaries. Although a few of them have been known to have side effects, you can find a few that work well. Make sure you are visiting a gynecologist in Chandigarh and taking the right doses. Other than medicine, a method called ART, which is assisted reproductive technology, can play a role in achieving pregnancy.

The ART method has treatments like insemination, IVF by trained professionals. Vitro fertilization is quite common these days and has been known to work on many women. When medicines fail, you can undergo the process of an assisted reproductive technology. You can also opt for surgery as the last resort if all the other methods do not work.

What else can you do?

Making changes in your lifestyle and following the right PCOD treatment in Chandigarh from one of the best doctors will fix many issues. You can start with shedding weight, exercising regularly, following a proper diet and taking less stress. If you see changes in your periods, and they seem to be getting normal, then your medications are working. In case, you still see no changes in your menstrual cycle; you need to get a thorough check along with opting for other medicines.

When you exercise and keep habits like smoking or drinking in control, you will feel better. Even a 10% weight loss improves your condition. The perfect guidance can free you from the extra stress PCOS has been giving you. Make sure you follow what the doctor says and make fitness your goal.

The fitter you are, the better your health will be!

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