Celebrating Valentine’s Day with twins- Ms. Suman Sharma

How was your Valentine’s Day ?

Isn’t it incredible what the human body can do?  Or better yet, what a woman’s body can do?  I have had three children, including twins, in the span of 10 years.  Yes, my body did that!  After trying for years to conceive my husband and I got the bad news, conceiving wasn’t going to be easy for us. I was diagnosed with PCOS (something I had figured out on my own) and my husband with a varicocele. We moved ahead with IVF with ICSI which we were told was our only option of conceiving. We found out we were expecting twins at a six week dating scan. It was totally unexpected but we welcomed it as wonderful news, two little people would be joining our family! I booked my hospital at Ambala for delivery, but a twin pregnancy put me in a ‘high risk’ category, so my treating doctor referred to me  into obstetric care at a large, Motherhood Chaitanya Hospital- Chandigarh. My pregnancy was uneventful all in all. I had a little more monitoring because of the high risk, but nothing too bad. I went into false labor once at 32 weeks which we found out was due to a mild bladder infection so I was told to drink tons of water and avoid the heat (We were having record high temperatures that summer so that was easier said then done.)

I continued to work full time throughout my pregnancy and the only complaint I had was how swollen my feet and ankles had gotten. We knew that baby “A” was breech so my treating doctor  planned on having a cesarean done. My doctor referred to me at Motherhood Chaitanya Hospital for best care.At that point I was 36 weeks 5 days. Well sure enough I did not go into labor, so bright and early the morning of the 9th February  we arrived at the Motherhood Chaitanya Hospital. They did an ultrasound to make sure baby “A” hadn’t turned and started getting me ready for surgery I was so nervous at delivery time, But Dr. Charu  and staff gave me support like family members The time finally came and they walked me to the operating room. I was surprised at all the people in the room; I was given a spinal, which went much easier than I had feared and was strapped to the table.

Our first baby born at :  9.44.11 AM. Weighing in at 2.25 kg  baby girl . Baby “B” was close behind at 9:44:46 AM, Weighing in at 2.17 kg, 19″,  Baby Boy. My husband got to carry them to the recovery room where they were weighed and our families came in and were passing them around. I nursed them for the first time when they were about 20 minutes old and they both did well. We were released from the hospital 3 days later. Delivering my twins were  much easier than I anticipated. Thank you Dr. Charu and Dr. Geetika for handle my delivery very smoothly.
I appreciate all the services of Motherhood Chaitanya Hospital like- very hygienic, friendly nature doctor and staff.

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