How can you identify ear infection in babies and treat it?

How can you identify ear infection in babies and treat it?

Ear infections can happen to babies at any time. It could be due to dust or cold too sometimes. When your child has ear infection, watch out for a few signs to know that they are in pain. Infants might just cry and probably point out at their ears. They could get a fever above 102 degrees, which means you should head to the best child specialist for a thorough check-up.

What are the other symptoms?

  1. If your child doesn’t stop crying even after ear cleaning and is having troubles lying down, you need to rush to a pediatrician in Chandigarh for internal check-ups.
  2. Along with fever, they might not sleep, vomit, have less appetite, will not respond and act grumpy.
  3. It is a major red flag if you see fluid, pus or slight bleeding from the child’s ear. This is a complication, and it could mean that they have perforated eardrum, which is when the fluid is developed in the middle ear which pressurizes the eardrums resulting it to burst. It usually heals on its own but you should get professional help.

How is ear infection treated?

  1. Child specialist in Chandigarh will prescribe antibiotics and ear drops that are safe for babies, but you still have to keep monitoring their ears to see results. Most babies below 2 years old are given antibiotics instead of drops.
  2. There is a vaccination that protects your baby against pneumococcal bacteria which can cause diseases like ear infections and meningitis. This is helpful in keeping away from bacteria from the ears and can safeguard your child from future problems too.

What precautions to take?

  1. Do not play loud music or make disturbing sounds around the child. Make sure that you are keeping their area clean otherwise dust can enter the ear hole and cause issues.
  2. Other than this, mothers who smoke during pregnancy and afterwards might have babies with defected ears. Be careful about your habits during your pregnancy days in order to safeguard your infant’s life.

Follow the right steps to treat ear infections and keep an eye on your baby.

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