Infertility: Causes, diagnosis and treatments!

Infertility: Causes, diagnosis and treatments!

Many couples go through the problem of infertility due to several reasons. While there are 15 percent couples who are infertile, there are some cases where either only the man or the woman has the problem and not both. In this case, there is the best infertility treatment available to help people have a baby.

What causes infertility?

Factors like stress, smoking, excessive alcohol, genetics, uterine fibroids, which block the movement of sperms and eggs in the fallopian tubes, tube blockage, abnormal ovulation, polycystic ovary syndrome, menopause, age factors, cancer, and thyroid are the causes of fertility in women. In men, things like cystic fibrosis, chemotherapy, infections, and testicular wounds, use of testosterone supplements, toxins, trauma and improper ejaculation along with unexplained sperm functioning are the culprits of infertility.

How can it be diagnosed?

There are several female fertility tests like hysterosalpingogram, which is an x-ray taken of the uterus that lets the fertility center in Chandigarh check the motion of fluids and fallopian tubes. Other than this, hormone testing, pelvic ultrasound, urine exams and genetic tests are taken. There are a few minor surgeries done to check from within to know the issue but that is only if the first few tests mentioned show all clear. For men, a general physical exam is done to check for enlarged veins on the testicles, which can cause damages to the sperm, hormone analysis, semen specimen testing which is a common procedure opted by many doctors, ultrasounds and testicular biopsy in severe cases.

Can infertility be treated?

Yes, in many cases, basic medications have worked wonders for couples who are infertile. The most used method is IVF which is In Vitro Fertilization which involves an IVF specialist in Chandigarh fertilizing the egg from outside the body in different stages. During the final step, the fertile egg is injected into the womb of the mother. A few other famous methods are artificial insemination, which is a process of the male providing his sperm which is checked by specialists and artificially inseminated in the woman, egg donation, surrogacy and acupuncture.  Infertility has various treatments, and you shouldn’t lose any hope. Stay focused on your health and turn to a specialist for support.

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