Nightmares and night terrors in babies & toddlers: Reasons and solutions?

Nightmares and night terrors in babies & toddlers: Reasons and solutions?

Everyone gets nightmares and terrible dreams, but when babies have such situations, it is worrying for the parents. Some night terrors can leave your child in a stage where they do not want to close their eyes. If you want to know what the reasons are and what the perfect solution is for this common problem, here you go: –

What causes nightmares in babies?

1. Terrors are strongly related to all the things the child sees when they are awake. If he or she hears loud sounds, sees someone fight, violent picture or video accidentally, a creature that they dislike, etc. they are prone to getting nightmares.

2. Medicines too can be a cause of certain nightmares. In most of the situations, if you change or stop the medicine, it relieves the baby from this problem.

3. Anxiety, fear or anxiousness in a baby causes problem, and it can turn in terrors very quickly. Most of the babies get over it as they start growing, but if your child is still having nightmares, you need to get them checked by the best child specialist.

How can you deal with this?

First and foremost, do not fight, shout or show any violent picture to your child. If you and your partner are having troubles, keep it away from the baby’s sight or hearing reach.  Other than this, you can try singing to them before they sleep and cuddle as much as you can. Make them laugh before they go to bed with a toy they prefer or any kind of game your child likes. If nothing seems to work, you need to go to a child specialist in Chandigarh for aid.

If your child continues to cry in the middle of the night, and they aren’t hungry or have wet their diaper, you need to take serious action. There could be a memory stuck in their head which will cause fear for life. Go to a baby hospital in Chandigarh to get help from a professional. It is necessary to make a happy environment for your child so that they know nightmares are not real.

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