What are the causes of fetal anemia during pregnancy?

What are the causes of fetal anemia during pregnancy?

Did your doctor suggest a few tests during while pregnant? Are you confused and worried about it? Well, the doctor is just doing the best to know if you might have fetal anemia. Any pregnancy specialist doctor will definitely tell pregnant patients to undergo countless tests so that the baby is safe and so are you.


What is fetal anemia?

It is a condition in which the amount or the health of the red blood cells is not looking good in the unborn baby’s circulatory system or the fetus. The child is not getting enough oxygen inside your body, and this complication is serious. Sometimes, it may be minor but, in most cases, the heart of the child starts to pump extremely hard to overcome this inadequacy which results in heart failure which can also lead to death of the baby inside the stomach.


What causes it?

Fetal anemia is also called maternal alloimmunization which can be caused due to several factors like blood transfusions before becoming pregnant, recent abortion, trauma of any kind, maternal hemorrhage with your delivery, ectopic pregnancy and lastly, it can be caused due to a virus known as parvovirus infection. You can get it checked at a maternity hospital to be sure if you have any infection or not.

Sometimes, it also depends on women who have had trouble with anemia in the past, and it may relapse during their pregnancy. Make sure you are eating right from the start and giving your body all the rest it needs.

How is it treated?

After a series of check-ups and blood reports, your doctor may suffer fetal blood transfusion which is a process in which the red blood cells are transfused in the umbilical vein with the help of ultrasound visualization.

You should go to the gynecologist after every four weeks for the procedure. Once your fetus is looking better, you can worry a little less. You might have to continue taking medication for a few months for the baby’s health.

Don’t ignore any signs your body gives you and make sure you get all the checks done.

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