What are physical health problems after childbirth and maternal depression?

Childbirth can be a life-altering experience for any woman. However, the emotions and physical condition after childbirth may not what many women may expect. One of the best delivery hospitals in northern India – Motherhood Chaitanya Hospital – recently talked about the physical and mental health problems that new mothers face after childbirth. More than 10% new mothers face what are known as postpartum mood disorders, which are marked by issues such as depression, psychosis and anxiety. The doctors of the hospital stressed on why it is important to focus on postpartum depression, which is not same as baby blues as many believe.


Understanding postpartum depression

Anything that’s related to the mind will affect the body too, and postpartum depression is no different. The best gynaecologist in Chandigarh from the hospital adds that there can be hormonal changes in the body that can impact physical health in many ways. Some women have a tough time with low thyroid hormone levels, while others may end up with no sleep and loss of appetite, which can eventually lead to weight loss and other problems.


Treatment and more

It is important for women to seek medical assistance for PPD, right after the first signs seem obvious. The treatment can vary, involving use of antidepressants¸ selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors and hormone therapy can be considered, but basic counselling is usually the first step. Patients who have a history of postpartum depression should be more proactive in their next pregnancy. Having a comprehensive support system also makes a huge difference as how the new mother handles her body and her baby.

If you want to know more on postpartum depression and other aspects, take an appointment at Motherhood Chaitanya Hospital. The hospital also offers NICU and other services, so you can always get comprehensive before, during and after pregnancy and childbirth.

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