Why Women with PCOS at Increased Risk for Liver Disease?

Why Women with PCOS at Increased Risk for Liver Disease?

PCOS stands for Poly-cystic ovarian syndrome, which is a disorder that affects normal ovulation, and thereby also affecting the chances of pregnancy. PCOS can be controlled and treated with medicine and lifestyle changes, but according to a recent study by scientists at the University of Birmingham, women with the condition are a double-time risk of developing non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Experts and doctors of Motherhood Chaitanya Hospital agree to it. The high testosterone level is linked to the condition, which is also found in women suffering from PCOS.

Taking a word from the experts

Women with PCOS can have high levels of testosterone – the primary male hormone, and studies have revealed that people with high testosterone are at a higher risk of fatty liver disease. Gynaecologists of Motherhood Chaitanya Hospital suggest that patients with PCOD should consider following a healthy lifestyle and control their weight to prevent the signs and symptoms associated with Poly-cystic ovarian syndrome. They also echoed the same feelings as reported by studies that women with the condition are not only at increased risk of pregnancy-related concerns, but also have other metabolic complications.

Getting treated

The doctors from the hospital further stated that patients need to get screened for fatty liver disease from time to time and should consider a complete plan for treatment for the rest of their life. Usually, women with PCOS often seek treatment when they are trying to get pregnant, but that shouldn’t be the case, given that the complications and effects can be more multidimensional. No matter whether you need a pediatrician or treatment for PCOD, Motherhood Chaitanya Hospital is your best hospital for quality care. Talk to the experts here today and get help for your infertility and other relevant concerns – You can avoid PCOD – do not delay in seeking treatment and medical attention.

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