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One needs to take very special care of children, especially when they fall ill. With the advent of summer, a change of season occurs and kids tend to fall ill very easily during this period of time, and hence, it becomes a necessity to take extra care.

Here are some of the most common ailments that affect kids during this time of the year and how you can cope up with them:

  • Respiratory infections: Kids tend to suffer a lot during this time from respiratory infections and common and cough cold. You can try some home remedies like taking steam which helps a lot. They might develop cough and cold for weeks, and if it gets really serious, then you should consult with the best child specialist in town to get to know further course of treatment.
  • Strep Throat: This is another very common disease that generally attacks kids with the advent of summer. Regular gurgling for at least 2-3 times a day can go a long way in tackling this. But if it gets too painful for the child, visit a baby hospital in Chandigarh and get your child checked at.
  • Stomach Flu: Summers are not the best time for the stomach. It is very important to eat light during this time of the year. Just one deviation from the routine, and it can have quite serious consequences. Keeping your kid hydrated is very necessary. In the case of severe loose motion, consult a child specialist in Chandigarh.
  • Ear infection: If your kid is below 3 years of age, then there is a 90% probability that they will develop an ear infection during this period. It might recur with every season. So, it is important that they get the necessary medication.
  • Pink Eye: Kids might develop this painful condition too, especially from other kids at school. Take your child to a pediatrician in Chandigarh immediately in the case of pink eye since it is very contagious.

Keep in mind the measures that you need to follow to give your kid the proper care that they need during the summers and ensure a healthy summer time for them!

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