What Are The Stages of Childbirth?

What Are The Stages of Childbirth?

Eager to know what actually happens in a delivery room? Well, your first step should be getting prepared for it, making your bag and finding the best delivery hospitals in your area. Things like contractions, nervousness, water breaking, and dilation are well-known signs of labor. Make sure you are prepared to go to the hospital and not wasting time by getting afraid of it. The more you delay reaching the hospital, the more problematic to can get in a few cases.

1. When you are going into labor, make sure you are hydrating yourself. Drink as much water as you can and eat well. It is said that when your energy levels are high, you will feel less tired through the contractions. If your water breaks, head to the hospital and get it checked. Sometimes, it can be a false alarm too. But don’t assume this yourself, go to the best maternity hospital and ask the doctor for help.

2. If you are admitted, you will keep having contractions. You cannot push the baby or opt for a C-section until and unless the doctor tells you. You need to dilate enough to push the baby out from your body, and that can take up to 10 hours of waiting too.

3. Don’t be scared of C-sections as they are quite common these days, and they are easier for women, who are unable to push or are extremely scared for natural birth which can make them nervous. This anxiousness can delay the delivery.

4. You will be given an injection, drips and a lot of other things depending on your condition along with anesthesia during your labor.

5. As your vagina is all ready to deliver, you will be asked to push many times and relax after a few minutes. If you are progressing well, the doctor will try for a normal birth. Otherwise, you always have the second option which is a cesarean baby.

The key is to be confident and think about bringing your beautiful child in the world. Follow instructions by the doctor and have your partner beside you for support. You can listen to music or pray if that makes you comfortable.
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