Baby Colic – Symptoms To Watch Out For!

Baby Colic – Symptoms To Watch Out For!

The moment you give birth to your baby, it seems like everything is perfect until they start crying constantly. It is a challenge to make your child calm and composed! If your baby is not calming down and keeps on crying, you might have to get them checked for colic. What are the symptoms or the health problem? Read on to know: –

What is colic?

It is a situation in which a baby cries for hours and hours for no reason at all. It is not a disease or a severe medical condition but during colic, some babies will just keep crying even if they are full. Colic can affect most babies born after the full-term during the second week after their birth. If you have a premature baby, their colic phase will begin a little later.

What are the symptoms you need to know?

You may not realize your baby has colic until and unless you notice a few of these signs in their behaviour on a regular basis. It turns into a pattern quickly which helps parents know that their baby has colic. What are the prominent signs, here you go: –
  1. Your baby will cry at the same hour every day for a particular time. For example, they will cry in the evening for about an hour on a regular basis. Once they are at the end of their colic episode, they will either pass gas or stool.
  2. It becomes difficult to control your baby with colic, and they cry with an intense voice with an uncomfortable expression. They seem distressed and have a flushed face.
  3. Your baby will be restless, change positions and not sleep when they are crying. There will be nothing that can help to distract their minds.
Most of the times, colic will pass on its own, and you do not need specific medicines, but if your baby is increasing the crying time, then you should see a doctor. Even when they start crying twice or more than that in a day for no apparent reason, you need professional help. This is a problem with many babies, so do not panic at all.

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