When to start bathing your baby?

When to start bathing your baby?

It is a pure bliss to watch a young mother touch her new born for the first time.Despite a huge number of questions piling up in her mind, she is all set to be the pro at motherhood choosing the best of everything for her new born. So, when it comes to hygiene, what exactly to do that can keep the delicate skin of your precious one healthy? How frequently do you need to bath your precious little one? Moreover, how to bath the tiny angel for the first time? Yes, here’s a list of everything you need to know for a pro hands-on take on the early days of motherhood.

For the initial days

This one’s from of the best child specialists– in the first week, when your tiny one is not yet too comfortable after stepping out from your womb, it is better to give him a warm feeling to which he is familiar. Saddles being atop the list here; a sponge bath is next in the queue.While your precious little one may not be ready for a splash, it is essential to keep him all cleaned up with a warm sponge bath. His tiny limbs and face require to be cleaned more frequently and each time you change his nappy, proper cleaning of his genitals is required.It is always better to consult the doctors from the best baby hospital in Chandigarh for these little details of baby care.

When is your little one ready for the first splash in a bath tub?                                           

After the stump of umbilical cord dries, falls off, let the area heal. Once the skin at that area heals completely, your infant is all set for the first bath. Now, the question that lines up is how frequently does your little one need to be bathed? Though some people prefer to bathe their infants every day, yet, the first couple of months, bathing him thrice a week can suffice. Also, make sure that your baby’s tub is filled with slightly warm water. Bathe your baby daily, once he starts crawling.

For the young mothers, handling your soapy little one, all wiggling is truly a bit jittery, but not to worry as mostly the pediatricians in Chandigarh suggest a five-minute bath, quite a short time to manage.

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