Epilepsy in children – causes, symptoms and treatment

Epilepsy in children – causes, symptoms and treatment

Epilepsy is a serious health problem that is found in a few kids. The main causes of it remain unknown, but the best child specialist can help you out as to what could be happening to your child. Seizures are basically episodes of fainting, terrors, shivering and disturbances.

What are the causes?

Like we stated earlier, the main causes are unknown although some doctors say family history of epilepsy plays a role besides that other things like development problems like cerebral palsy, trauma, meningitis, head injuries, and other reasons could be why your child has migraines, breath holding episodes and other disorders. 

What are the symptoms?

When you notice convulsions, rhythmic jerking, muscle spasms, rolling of eyes, unable to breathe, confused, blinking too much, staring, chewing constantly, repetitive movements like clapping, lip smacking, making a certain noise, not responsive, head bobbing, weird hand movements, etc. Most of the spasms can last for about a minute or so, and it can happen several times in a day. When you notice any of these signs, you should know that your child is suffering from inside. Take them to a pediatrician in Chandigarh immediately to get help.

How is it treated?

It is mostly medication to control the problem, but every child is different, and if the seizures are out of control, then options like brain surgery, dietary therapies and psychiatric treatments can help. It can be difficult to deal with all this, but you have to keep visiting the doctor often for support. Stay in touch with a child specialist in Chandigarh who can guide you during such attacks. You will be asked to change the eating habits, sleep routine and start teaching your child early. As a parent, it can be troubling to see your child in pain, but you have to be patient to help treat it. There are no medications that can eliminate the problem completely but seizure controlling pills can totally work. Sometimes, this can be a temporary issue due to infections in children, and once they are free from it, they will be fine.

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